January 21, 2021

International sales via our solution International sales. Call back Call us. Free up time to focus on your business. Are you setting up a business or digitising your physical store? Chris has written hundreds of articles on EPOS and ecommerce for a large range of small business magazines and websites.

actinic epos software

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You can download orders from sottware website; easily print invoices, packing lists and address labels, monitor stock levels and customise email communications to your customers. We collaborate with all the technological players who bring added value to our e-retailers. Google Analytics integration enables you to monitor your site performance. Defrauded, burgled, but not beaten.

Information supplied from SellerDeck. Advanced pricing and promotions You can help grow your sales by using smart promotional tools such as single- and multiple-use coupons, BOGOF offers, date expiring coupons and ‘Also Bought’ lists. Do you have an e-Commerce project in mind?

actinic epos software

Chris has written hundreds of articles on EPOS and ecommerce for a large range of small business magazines and websites. A design can be coded just for you!

Actinic EPOS Ecommerce Software Review by Forever Scotland IT Consultants Hawick

Times were tough when Will Starrit and Andrew Taylor took over a motorcycle accessory shop. How John Sollars and his company Stinky Ink harnessed the power of ecommerce to come up smelling of roses.


It’s easy to get upset when people visit your website, place products in their shopping cart but don’t complete checkout. SellerDeck integrates with the design suite Dreamweaver, so you can tailor your online store to look and feel exactly how you wish.


Responsive SEO- and customer-friendly online stores SellerDeck creates great responsive websites that work on most popular devices at the click of a mouse. Free up time to focus on your business.

Developing partners Partner agencies.

actinic epos software

You can easily create mailing lists from your customer database to send special offers and discounts. Automatically create accounts for your customers, and enable them to view and track their orders online.

SellerDeck supplies ecommerce software and EPoS systems to small and mid-sized companies that want to be in full control of their online business. He has also published three books on ecommerce. Orders can arrive through a range of channels, including phone and mail order. Are you setting up a business or digitising your physical store? So how did Luna Spas founders do it? That means your customers can buy online you at any time and wherever they are.


Information about Actinic EPOS software software from Actinic Software Ltd

Many people dream of the perfect business, combining great profits with minimal effort. Actinic hosting also available Actinic Business.

actinic epos software

Do you have a showcase site or are you already selling via an Open Source site? Our partners in the digital ecosystem. Softwade Cover – one year’s ‘phone support, free upgrades and other benefits SellerDeck Hosting – specialist web hosting for your SellerDeck site. Select from a number of product page layout options actinix display up to 20, products with further flexibility to create subsections, product variations and components. You aren’t dependent your internet connection, so when it slows down you don’t have to.

Chris Barling, CEO of ecommerce software supplier SellerDeck, shares his tips for online selling and says that normal business rules still apply. Your design can also be changed to match new requirements. Copyright SellerDeck where applicable.

Chris Barling SellerDeck Joint owner.

Whatever your project and your business.

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