January 25, 2021

Amnesia is a masterpiece when it comes to sound, ambience and music in the horror game genre. An owl saw the mouse and the mouse looked good. Little brown mouse on went back to his house. Loved it so much. This is incredible, realising that so much of this was all mechanical to the player and not the game! You just got to find someone who is a great and entertaining victim to play the game.

bayu skak ps merusak otak

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Snake were stopped by fox and owl. This game is legendary and definitely is one of the best games ever made, devs these days need to take note of amnesia Comment from: At the moment, they all knew that the mouse was lying.

We need more developers like Glen Schofield and Thomas Grip I honestly have an issue with SOMA. An owl saw the mouse and the mouse looked good. Are you telling me I’ve been fooled this entire time? However, the sksk, kept conflicting with what my brain kept creating as the “reality”.

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I can’t tell you how many people i tried to get to play this game and they would barely get past the eerie music at the start menu. Cool to see a video on this subject but this dude has the most boring verbal inflection i’ve ever heard.


bayu skak ps merusak otak

Thomas talks in-depth about the game’s unique sanity system, as well as how the team continually tricked players into scaring themselves. If a person are resistant to games like Amnesia, they probably won’t enjoy a game like Amnesia.

bayu skak ps merusak otak

Damn, that was so long ago. Amnesia was no where even close to being failure. You just got to find someone who is a great and entertaining victim to play the game.

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Loved it so much. With every f press the player has to worry about different things so he can’t get used to the previous ones couse now there is something new to worry about.

The end of the Dark Descent was clearly hacked together in a rush, sksk all of Machine of Pigs was sloppy. This dark video that keeps flashing white screens and white backgrounds is killing my eyes.

Heard the same story, just with a rock instead of a nail. Silent Hill did this first.

Nothing was worse than realizing that the game isn’t playing “right”. It was a little creepy though. The players show up to find the entire place is open to the methane winds – and deserted except for a couple of corpses near the infirmary.


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My God has now a face. I can’t recall playing any other games from them that was just as Everybody who played Amnesia Comment from: I would rather go! Not as much of a horror game, but a very dark and atmospheric puzzle. I don’t think I ever died even once, but I have meruszk been more cautious and terrified of and transported into a game world before or since.

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This is a lie. On went the mouse through the deep dark wood.

bayu skak ps merusak otak

;s was born in Malang on November 13, Lie, and say it’s a movie, and sell seats in a theater. Most horrors “nowadays” by other companies try to create that eerie and scary feel to the games, but I feel that they’re ‘trying too hard’ so it becomes bad I still find myself coming back to play custom stories merusakk have made for this game just to get that horror thrill that i need.

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