February 9, 2021

It’s a little message for those, who call themselves upper class people or who humiliates people from other castes. Ghar de sode shopping with cousin karanveer school jaanmahal video. Balochi Sikhs are really nice, it was an experience to remember to talk to a Sikh youth who speaks Pashto at home, we must understand, its just like we speak Hindi or English. Most of the comments are posted by the people who are Non-Sikhs or want Sikhs to fight with each other. Bhapa Doi Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana 6 years ago.

bhapa ji di luna song

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Teri maa da fudda batrey. Bhapa ji ,una braji. Karanvir new tracksuit I Nimma. Rohu Fish Bhapa is a very popular fish recipe in Bengali All Punjabis from India are part of a brotherhood.

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No,1 Bhapa s Patiale Wale. Bhape di ma da phuda I hate bhapa xi srdar jatt ma de kusse khad dmag wale akal gitiya ch hundi saleya de maderchod ambersariye sale bhape judda wad du saleya da.

Jattan di maa di lun maari te behan da patya shola. Sikh da mtlb jo sdaa sikhda rhe te manas ki zaat sbhe eke pehchan boh di rah te turda rwe This is one of the popular gluten-free Bengali desserts. Are bhapas the backward class quota people?


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Bhapa vs Jatt Jatt4pride 10 bhapx ago. Je fer v us vich hi uljhe rehna h tan tusi sche sikh ni bn skde It is one of the popular recipe in Bengali We should respect every religion. Bhapa g Sehajpal Singh Chahal 2 years ago. Lets not fight and prohibit each others entry here and there. Funny Parminder Sodhi Delhi wale bhapa ji veeer.

bhapa ji di luna song

And the Artists Sonb Muslim is best for fuck- No disease- No rabies, No Aids- If someone want to fuck woman go to pakistan or Afghanistan- buy woman for one day and fuck and yea became Muslims for some days – read their kalams – stupid reading and u became muslim- what a joke. Bhapa Doi Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana 6 years ago. This video is utter Non-Sense.

Bhapa Ji Di – Video – ViLOOK

Rab bas kar hun bahut jyada Barish non stop raining. Ilish macher paturi is famous bengali hilsa dish sorshe diye ilish macher bhapa recipe. Chalo bai baki Galla chado gaala kadnia gurua ne sikhaiya jere khatri and baki bai v gaala kad re ne unj keh re ne j gurua de waris a bai naale kalle kes rakhan naal Ni ban jande waris Kam darshaunde ne loka de main dekhi a veere Janta m e Ni kehnda k sare ik varge hunde a jive jatta ch v eda hunda kurhia sab to zada she’d de a jere shor hunde a.


Popular bengali dessert recipe made using curd and condensed milk. Bhapa is not sikh.

Are bhapas the drug addicts? I think that the person who made this skit just made it for fun, its not intended to hurt anyone. Dar ji Di Luna.

bhapa ji di luna song

However, the Jatts must behave bnapa and not mock the others. Preparation of this Yogurt is Even though it looks Na ki is ahnkaar vich a jawe ki meri zaat uchhi h so ma hi sikh han You should definitely try this Chicken recipe at home and enjoy this healthy non-veg dish.

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