July 21, 2021

I was the voice of Raiden. It then moved back to Sunnyvale before we moved it to Austin. Naming things like that was fairly normal operating mode throughout Williams, Bally, Midway. I had been the announcer on Arch Rivals. It was originally suggested by an artist on the team:

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I had been the announcer on Arch Rivals. So we had people in and out of the studio to do the MK voices.

The evidence that the game came from Iguana goes deeper than a shallow cosmetic comparison. This suond is not affiliated with Nintendo. That would explain how they made their way into an in-house copy.

NBA Jam XXXan in-house version of the Super Nintendo classic that features raunchy voice-over calls, made waves online after I unearthed the game on a development prototype board last summer.

I came away from the experience with a sinking realization that as more time passes, more gaming history is lost forever. After his dismissive remarks, jzm started to brush off the game as a hoax, an attention-seeking stunt.

We had an 8-channel snake running between the console and into the isolation booth. After a bit of persuading, I convinced management that the 7 thousand dollar expense was absolutely necessary.

NBA Jam Sounds: On Fire Edition

And since they never were in the arcade game, he would not have known that. His in-depth answer did not disappoint: It then moved back to Sunnyvale before we moved it to Austin.


It was originally suggested by an artist on the team: You have to remember, as a contractor to Midway, and wanting to do a good job, he was asked to utter some of those phrases and complied. We were creating games in a quarter-at-a-time arcade universe.

I was deposed as a key witness in that case. Not just one day but several weeks. His in-depth answer did not disappoint:. I had created a first-generation system for the SNES for Punk Development, and these became the subject of a lawsuit brought against Jeff by Razorsoft, which apparently had been the parent of Punk Development.

I had hired Tim Kitzrow to do the voice of Mr.

sond So he took a boomshakalqka path of explanation, that the console developers had created those. Turmell told GameTrailers the exact same story as Hey. More specifically, in MayI backed up and preserved two never-before-seen Iguana Super Nintendo game demos: I was in the habit of letting Tim improvise whenever he got an inspiration from the typed script. This once again lends credibility to NBA Jam XXX being made internally at Iguana, as the build captures the game undergoing a well-known revision at the time of its creation.

As I invented tools to automate our audio production, I would name them with abbreviations.


Nintendo Player – A Not-For-Profit Classic Gaming Fansite – NBA Jam XXX-Posed

That game really did make some money. I composed and did all the sound for the big hit game Smash TV. That is where proper credit is due. Back in those days you nearly had to be an electrical engineer to do the audio in games.

That would be unfair.

NBA Jam Sounds: On Fire Edition –

Mednick did, however, provide me with a tip to go on: They are extremely rare, as I had created proprietary RAM-based emulation systems that allowed us to iterate and test versions of our games about 60 times faster than burning sets of EPROMs. We never had to fly a script by the NBA until after it was pared down to what got installed in the game. And people laughed, but when they realized what an authentic part of a basketball game broadcast the shoe squeaks are, they were impressed by having those in the audio.

It had to deliver right at the start and never let down.

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