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The Fraunhofer codec isn’t as good as some others at high bit rates like kbits and above. LAME sounds alot truer to the original to me, it keeps the warmth of the original and does not get swishy sounding like the fraunhofer does at I think r3mix-a-dork, is just trying to get traffic to his stupid webpage. Your point is valid. Well, isn’t it you who was perfectly happy with your MP3s encoded with the Xing ecoder? Ive been looking all over the net and cant find it. Vacuum tubes are king!

fraunhofer mp3enc

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Thu May 04, 4: It’s supposedly to reproduce the sound in a manner such that you “think” you are hearing it the same way.

fraunhofer mp3enc

Frauunhofer 8, Posts: So far as sounding like a fifteen year old Maybe after 16,hz it can’t produce a tone perfectly after 16khz, but as long as it’s close, I can’t tell. I think it sounds very clean and accurate. All you’re measuring is frequency response! And about the fraunhifer I’d consider anything but Exact Audio Copy a bad ripper.

Wed May 03, 5: Fraunhofer IIS offers contract-based research and development services, and provides its customers with guidance through the maze of media standards and technologies.


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For truly great sounding files, use something like Monkey’s Audio, which uses lossless compression it basically zips farunhofer wav, leaving the wav data unchanged, unlike LAME and other lossy compressors Hey, atleast all them audiophiles can’t say sh!

But you can do that. Again, no one is saying you purposely requested illegal software, but now that it is known that the software is only available commercially, the thread should be locked. Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor.

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See our Technologies for Broadcast and Streaming. So everything should remain the same, and unless you’re using a bad ripper, the quality should be perfect. Yes, arguably the Fraunhofer encoder is slightly better for k, but who the hell goes less than these days?

Especially that Xing piece’a crap that royally screws with codec associations. Let he who is without spam cast the first stone. And all fraunhoder “reproducable objective tests” can be performed by the users at home.

fraunhofer mp3enc

Fraunhofer IIS’ four generations of audio codecs. Sign up for our Fraunyofer and Media Technologies newsletter to learn more about our current activities and events! Anyway, he’s entitled to his opinion and I’m entitled to mine. We have just what you need to learn more about our technologies and their technical background.


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Guess a mole talks a lot more than a bear, right? You’re chasing numbers, dude Learn more about the early days of the mp3 invention, meet the team that stands behind this successful technology or browse through some facts and figures. Apr 9, Posts: But it’s not for everyone I think bit 44KHz, Stereo sounds the best, but that’s just me.

Even if it means sticking it on fatdrive or something – you can do it I’m using L3enc, very high quality encoder, but i need to rip CD’s with winDAC, and then convert the wav to mp3 in command line, for one or two mp3z it’s fine, but sometimes i rip over 20, and making BAT files for encoding it’s some sort of painly.

No, an mp3rnc is not perfect – period. I’ve never heard the “swishy” sounds at those rates.

fraunhofer mp3enc

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