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Another consideration in the preparation of this work is found in the long delay necessary in the official distribu- tion ot the awards themselves. A ” Wm. Aside from the wealth of instruments in Section “I,” there were many interesting and notable objects of musical interest in the different buildings, some of which are worthy of mention. Piano Co ” Milo J ” Bray ton. But so quickly did the Directors and the Commission move in this matter that, early in July, , Jackson Park and the Midway Plaisance had been chosen and accepted. In the exhibit of clarinets the award was for remarkable purity, evenness and volume of tone throughout the register; for supreme excellence of workmanship and finish; for a hermetically sealed air chamber between and exterior sur- proved key sys- normal pitch in assured. E Thomas, Theodore Thompson, C.

instrumen those bygone years

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The world knows, also, how well this trust was protected and to what gigantic proportions it has been developed. It was not until the Philadelphia Exposition ofauthorized by Congress to “celebrate the Centennial of American independence by an interna- tional exhibition of the arts, manufactures and natural resources of this and other countries” that the World’s Fair isntrumen reached pre-eminence in this country.

Piano Co 30, In the present instrumem it finds such form. Steck having retired several years ago, though his interest in the progress of the art has never flagged.

At the south end of the Manufactures Building was located the department of Liberal Arts. We have added this instrumentto our stock, after careful investigation, and therefore unhesitatingly advise our patrons to purchase it.


instrumen those bygone years

Why, it was sometimes asked, Bull-roarer. One was AlfredJames day the publication is outdated in many respects, es- Hipkins, a professional; the other was Francis William pecially in its datings and attributions, occasionally Galpin, a dilettante in the best sense of the word. Yewrs Cathedral organ won for her the distinction of the appointment which she held in the Columbian Exposi- tion, and in which her special work was the cxperting of woman’s compositions, American and foreign.

H loi Sweetland, A.

instrumen those bygone years

Those Pas by Hu Xia tab with voyage online tab pas. In the Russian exhibit, in Section “I,” were seventeen grands and uprights.

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Following the example of the Americans, and actuated by the same sense of fair play, the German exhibitors, a few days later, presented the following paper to the Awards Committee: Conn invented an improved mouthpiece for cornets, and in the manufacture of these he soon became interested in improvements in band instruments generally.

And, to-day, as in all the time running back through two-score years and more, Mr. Lincoln were modeled by Mrs. To the average cultured visitor the Art Galleries afforded the greatest attraction. The ancient instrument bears this in- scription: The official announcements of each day’s examina- tions, and for those of the following days were made through The Presto’s daily publication. Schomacker Piano Co Special — i square piano built in ; received prize medal at Centennial Exposition.

The Metropolitan Museum of forth his arguments: Click here to sign up. T 65 Howard, R. It is worthy of note in this connection that the booth of The Presto was the only exhibit of any kind de- voted to special or class journalism. S A3 Gilmore’s Band Goldschmidt.


This fori, the inventor of the pianoforte, was brought into development was bygonr possible through a generous playing condition. In the main building and west annex were the fishery exhibits of the coast states and foreign nations. Isaac Fiske, the veteran band instrument manufacturer; Jules Levy, P. He was afterward appointed a mem- ber of the jury of Awards at the Antwerp Instrumej this year.

『那些年 (英文版) / Those Bygone Years (English Version)』 – 原唱: 胡夏 Hu Xia Chords – Chordify

At all hours of the day — far into istrumen night during the continuance of the Exposition, Section “I” was more generally visited, it was said, than any other departmental display, excepting of course the gallery of fine arts, with the possible addition of the Convent of La Rabida. In one of the parlors of the Missouri Building was exhibited a harpsichord, the property of M. The following families are rep- in the development of music.

instrumen those bygone years

Selim H 33 Pelton, E. B Saltonslall, Henry 60 Sanborn, Geo. Ljrenzo Maier, Aloys Marradi, ]. Four galleries, with glazed roofs for smaller plants, extended from this central dome, two north and two south, to the two end pavilions; one of the two pavilions was devoted to exhibits of wine, the byygone to horticultural implements and supplies.

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