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Anyway, I am not sure what you refer to when you say completely unrealistic scenarios. It should be pretty easy to spot the people taking video. If the organizers were serious about the experience of their public their rule would forbid camera flashes, too bright or too huge glowsticks, and postures blocking the view of others this would include your hypothetical jerk standing with his camera, but definitely not most of the people filming. Finally, at a little past seven, people were herded into the concert area, with a mad dash for the front of the arena in the beginning moments. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

mikupa taiwan

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Part one of this report will detail mikkpa happenings during the Hong Kong concert. During the concert, Miku had various talking sections, when she attempted her best to speak to the audience in Mandarin Chinese. Did you attend both concerts? Anyway, I am not sure what you refer to when you say completely unrealistic scenarios.

Furthermore, there were many meetups held, especially in Taiwan, where there was an unofficial pre-party as well taaiwan both official and unofficial after parties. The music quieted to a lull and then blasted full on with the intro to Miku Miku ni Shiteageru.

Good examples are iTunes, Steam, and all the various online services now available. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. And what happened at the end? Notify me of new posts by email.

mikupa taiwan

Friends came and went to meet each other, and the occasional cosplayer could be spotted here and there. However, one unfortunate downside to the concert was that there were many people who started simply taking videos of the concert without permission. Of the over people who attended the concerts, many of the twiwan members knew the lyrics to the songs and the proper calls to do, taiwaj the atmosphere rivaled concerts from Japan.


Can you imagine if everyone was filming? Thus, anyone filming would be trying to stay as still as possible.

mikupa taiwan

Practically speaking these people are doing the same thing you are with this article, they just choose to remember and share this event with a film and not a narration. For instance, it was pretty much impossible to convince the industry to offer easy-to-use digital downloads for DRM-free music by themselves; you needed iTunes and other music stores to guide the way, giving a proper alternative. Judging by your lack of response regarding the difference between article writing and filming, are you agreeing with me that there is a difference, or are you finding discussion regarding that point to be irrelevant now?

Anisong/J-Pop Idol/Vocaloid Mock Concert Day 2: Mikupa Taiwan 2012

Now, there are issues if the glow stick is too bright or too long, and the latter did bother a lot of people in Hong Kong. Furthermore, in order to get the best shot, people filming would try to stick their hands as high as possible to grab a shot. And obviously camera flashes would be automatically banned because of the ban on photography. Filming at a concert is something like this[1] look at A big group at the front of the line was watching footage from previous concerts and practicing their cheering while waving glowsticks around.

3rd Overseas Vocaloid Live Performance Announced for Hong Kong and Taiwan –

Well mukupa for my English, I should have proofread myself before posting but anyway you got my point. Mikuap, Google will release Project Glasses in a few years, are we going to continue with this stupidity of forbidding filming in any events? For those without the game and console, there was a packed DIVA f demo station downstairs that had the game. I think a better compromise would be to let attendees have access to the official footage of events they have attended. Oh, and Project Glass is an AR device, not primarily a recording device.


Mikupa Taiwan Footage Shows Up on Japanese PlayStation Store

Lastly, I see this fallacious reasoning used in a lot of places: The evening line started at around three, with maybe a few dozen people in line and eventually built up to a rather big pile of people that snaked back and forth across the hallway. No one is forcing people to attend these concerts, and thus no one should force the organizers to hold these concerts a certain way.

mikupa taiwan

I was mostly reacting to your endorsement of this rule and finger pointing at the guys who were filming instead of the guys who were obstructing but maybe your intention was to complain about view obstruction, I just took it for an agreement that filming is bad per se.

However, I guess we have to agree to disagree on it being rude to think you are on higher moral ground by ignoring taiiwan wishes of the organizers, no matter how much you think they are in the wrong. One of the Japanese fans got mistaken for staff due to his rather mikuupa Mikupa-related getup. Hello Hightrance sorry for late reply I forgot to activate notification. Lastly, if you really want to send that kind of message, you should probably be writing a lengthy email to the mikuppa instead of posting here, and hoping that they bother to read it.

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