January 28, 2021

At the same time, students are more connected on social media today than ever before. The comprehensiveness of the content categories suggests how pervasive Internet filtering can be. We encourage our people to speak up and share their ideas because we believe that their passion will lead to a better customer experience. Accessibilty Netsweeper understands how important it is for clients or potential clients to receive service and information promptly and flexibly. In some instances, when a request is made for censored content, a blockpage is returned to the user that explains the reason why the content is blocked.


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For example, it did not address issues concerning the conduct of human rights due diligence to limit sales that would present significant human rights risks in the first place; the establishment of rights-oriented policies or procedures which other companies within nnetsweeper market have adopted — see Section 3. Thus, blocking an IP address can have the unintended consequence of blocking many other websites.

Student Mobile Protection An extension of our solutions for protecting mobile devices. Netsweeper is a web access company that has established a reputation for quality, innovative products and responsive customer support in Canada and around the world. Netsweeper provides mobile filtering for every device and Netswedper and always offers seamless user authentication to ensure optimal protection.

Key Findings

Netsweeper is a privately-owned technology company based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. As a result of this industry leading technology, Netsweeper has accrued and strategically categorized over 10 billion URLs to date, and receives requests for approximately 22 million new URLs each and every day. Technology Partners Become a Reseller. Furthermore, a website blocked by this technique can circumvent the block nstsweeper changing its IP address, or by using IP addresses from a service like Cloudflare, which is complicated for governments to block as content delivery services are widely used by corporations to deliver their content.


If one would like to enjoy a highly powerful web filter without using a network appliance, they can use our cloud based security solutions. The Internet has become an important tool netsweepet learning around the globe. Provide Categorization Feedback Please let us know if you think there is a domain you would like added to our categorization platform or, if there is a better place for a domain in one of our categories.

As a standard part of our research process for most of these reports, we sent Netsweeper a letter that described our findings, presented a series of questions regarding the use of Netsweeper technology in these countries, and committed to publishing their response in full alongside our research report. The most essential purpose of OFSTED is to ensure the best environment possible in schools and for education providers to have the right measures in place to encourage the welfare of children.

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The set up process is simple and easy, and our comprehensive reporting allows for viewing of browsing activity of your organization. Finding solutions and improving efficiencies are our obsessions. Meanwhile, our research has verified that Netsweeper installations are used in several countries to implement Internet censorship in ways that undermine internationally-recognized human rights. Stay up to date Subscribe to our newsletter. However, the company provided no further detail within the media release to explore the exact nature of this dilemma.

At the same time, students are more connected on social media today than ever before. This site uses cookies: Privacy Policy Social Responsibility. This site uses cookies: At the same time, however, the media release appeared to acknowledge that Netsweeper does face corporate social responsibility dilemmas inherent to the provision of Internet filtering products:.


We are far-reaching in our goals but have strong roots in our communities.

Users can circumvent this blocking technique by changing the DNS settings on their device. One contribution we make in this report is to show how data collected from outside i. Netsweeper did not respond to any of our letters. Other important benefits of our cloud filtering services include full SSL decryption for secure use across various sites, customizable policies for different users, actionable reporting, real-time categorization, sophisticated multi-language filtering, online pornography blocking features, advanced adblocking solutions, customer-friendly parental controls, faultless radicalization prevention strategy, error-free student mobile protection and many more beneficial web security solutions.


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Education Government Telecommunications Enterprise Healthcare. It also shows how a commercial company can aid national-level Internet censorship by providing technology and also by defining the parameters of permissible content retrieval— and thus access to information— through automated categorization. In theory, using a VPN or other circumvention applications can circumvent middlebox censorship, neysweeper DPI middleboxes netsweper block many types of these applications.

The growing responsibilities among network operators to filter content, either within private enterprises or on public networks, have given rise to a large and lucrative market.

A network administrator tasked with restricting access to Internet resources has many different options available, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

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