January 19, 2021

With the banning of his films Trevisan was led to financial ruin. Finally, Olney was acquitted by three votes to two. Geisel suspended the prior censorship to news and television programming. With the orientation of the PCB, the cineclubist movement grew up to the point of assemble cineclubs affiliated to the Conselho Nacional de Cineclubes National Council of Cineclubs that created its own distributor, the Distribuidora Nacional de Filmes para Cineclubes National Distributor of Films to Cineclubs , Dinafilme. The first screening of what was called the “omnigraph” was held in Rio de Janeiro on July 8,

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The producers had to recourse to Justice, and the film was released, making it one of estrahguladores first successes of Brazilian cinema [4].

Sincethe Embrafilme started to coordinate the activities of the film sector in its entirety.

The powerful Globo TV only in recent years produced some films, mostly in co-production. This was a new model of censorship soon requested for all the country, and supported by the Federal Law n.

Others had not the same chance. There are no prohibitions, but the State control remains. The military valued the Brazilian cinema as export product in the goal of the development of the country, once the subversive films used to return as winners from European festivals.

The apparent contradiction of the promotion under repression impressed in the production of the period an original brand.

O Estado de S. After being selected in a public contest, the censors passed by internal courses of further training, with classes on literature, interpretation of texts, history, theory and language of cinema. Since it can not be shown, at the request of his daughter Elizabeth through preliminary injunction granted by Justice, estranguladres infor sentimental reasons tied with religious ideas.


Sabor do Brazil. Calcio internazionale e cinema brasiliano

Although initially greeted with fascinated amazement, cinematic spectacle did not become a widespread and stable form of entertainment until several years later. The censors rarely denied these certificates, stimulating the moviemakers to show their films even when they were banned in Brazil. Or they could, instead, bomb the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Other filmmakers and entrepreneurs tried estrangulavores establish little film industries, in general to realize their own movies. Inthe movie theaters were obliged to show Brazilian films days a year. Estrannguladores the new Constitution established the end of the censorship: And the possibility of the return of the Censure under new forms remains too.

The no concession of those certificates could make impracticable the participations in festivals and in international sales. The following morning the kidnapping of a Brazilian airplane, diverted to Cuba by members of the organization MR-8 was reported. The censure was concentrated in the control of television, but, under the first civil government in twenty-four years, the loss of authority was visible: This has to do with the role of the State in Brazilian Cinema: Inas the stalemate continued, Cakoff parliamented with the Minister of Justice, Fernando Lyra, who then allowed the film festivals to show films without prior censorship.

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By examining the films to be exhibited, a priest protested that one of them would be inappropriate, requesting its withdrawal from the program. Since then, the television, especially the Oz Globo, dominated the mass entertainment with soap operas, newsreels, shows, carnivals and soccer games, also under strong Censure.


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But when the same film was seen and analyzed by censors at different times and places, the opinions differed and came into conflict, producing misunderstandings and unexpected twists and turns. Vargas, who received with honors the fishermen in his palace of Catete Rio and promised a oe future to the fishermen, protested to the American government against the intruder Welles: Esteanguladoresthe lawyer Felipe Falcon moved an action to reform the judgment, by proposing the dispossession of the film by the state on cultural grounds, to the detriment of the heirs of Di estrangulaores Glauber.

Associated with the kidnapping, Olney had to submit to Justice. The New State and the Military Regime were the worst periods of the censorship of the movies, and the best ones for the movie production. In August, Olney returned to Rio for new interrogations. He was imprisoned for over forty days.

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