January 23, 2021

Mircosoft Internet Explorer Layout Issues. Functionally, it is divided into 32 modules: I add a language to the OSCMax 2. It runs as a web application with Apache and supported middleware serving as middle layer. German language files up to r You may need to try different browsers and font size to get the best fit. If you are already running osCmax v2.

oscmax 2.5.3

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Testing from SVNwhen you type in a search phrase into the search box on the home page, it will bring up the items with that phrase. Mircosoft Internet Explorer Layout Issues. Press any one of oscmxa [Done] buttons. All site access are monitored via cookies to determine if the user is logged in.

With revision r the Admin panel still crashes with a blank page.

If everything Operating System, webserver, dbserver, middleware, client desktop, browser runs on a single machine, the system will probably need at least, CPU – Intel Celeron 1. Client access is via web browsers, Firefox, Chrome, Konqueror, Opera and the like.


osCmax Bug Tracking System – Issues

Most transactions are provided with standard search, add, view, copy, edit, delete and view log facilities. Per Item to function.

oscmax 2.5.3

We tested PayPal Express Checkout in sandbox mode, and upon automatic creation of user account the email doesn’t get generated correctly to the customer.

Manager; Context types where this role may be: Admin Panel crashes blank page.

See below for current code. After module installation, ck-?????


Press [Start Database Restoration] button. Browsing All Articles Articles. Be sure to check in and add your thoughts to the discussion: Some browsers may show distorted display.

oscmax 2.5.3

Click the upgrade button. Sorry if its a repeat.

oscmax 2.5.3

I add a oscax to the OSCMax 2. Some of the menu choices are still not implemented. Set this to the desired location [Note: Upgrading Starting from v.

osCmax Released | osCmax – osCommerce Maximized

Visitors do not need to register. Common Knowledge – to be shared and developed by all ]. If you need to control ck-????? Read in detail the [Welcome to Administration] page.


This is perfect to send birthday gifts direct to the birthday-person themselves. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Individual Product Totals Incorrect. Refresh the page in your browser.

osCmax Bug Tracking System – Issues

Create new account Request new password. However, if other middleware modules are utilizing the same machine, the configuration above is most likely to be inadequate. In forums pgmarshall white this solution for this problem: 2.53 cheque printing facility assumes a normal stub-based manual handwritten cheque format not the computer stationery type.

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