January 23, 2021

Skipped breakfast, shower, and lunch. Every arrangement is nice and unique. Moonlight Sonata is gorgeous. Great job RS crew! I think that probably people that appreciate classical music have a fairly open mind when it comes to music as a whole. My qualms have all been allayed as my improvement continues in the game.

rocksmith 2014 bachsmith

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Hopefully this paves the way for some classical music that was written for guitar. This really is fantastic. Most music schools require a broad education which excludes no musical influences. I might rather try and play freaking rap on the guitar…. Every arrangement is nice and unique. Define best, you come up with varying answers.

Rocksmith Presents Bachsmith – The Riff Repeater

I really need to grab another cable so my friends can jam out along side me. Where i cant buy bachsmihh Unless they are Connor McCleod… You tend to get a fairly robust education growing up playing a classical instrument.

That the next step up!

B This DLC is epic! What a bunch of crap.

rocksmith 2014 bachsmith

Mozart symphony 40 is such a tease for jazzsmith. My qualms have all been allayed as my improvement continues in the game. This looks all very exciting. Now even the classical orchestra geeks are covered. Hoping that the good folks at Ubi had that version in mind. The more I read this the less it makes sence — personal mp3 player??? I kinda wish that they would have made the classical sound kinda classical…even if it is just practice…that was messed up.


It restores my faith that there are plenty of legitimate guitarists and musicians downloading dlcs, and not just music consumers rocksmitth want to use rocksmith as their personal mp3 player.

Rocksmith 2014 Presents Bachsmith

I have played guitar for years, both baachsmith and electric, and I was dubious at how well it could teach me techniques. Go into ur downloads … Probably can delete it from there… And if you ever change your mind it will always be there for you to redownload or use to torture you neighbors with?

Notecracker Medley is sweet. This is not due to classical music being introduced, but people having any semblance of taste in music whatsoever.

Another fine job Team Rocksmith. I always use my own custom favorite tone. I hope that the continued success of Rocksmith brings some of the holdout bands that have refused to licence content to the table. Thanks for an epic pack….


Rocksmith DLC 11/17/ – Bachsmith II – The Riff Repeater

You can create your own custom tones. Yeah Mario world in particular has a song I really want to play but I have a feeling cross game licencing will be a challenge.

Rocksmith is a bacjsmith learning tool and a terrible jukebox. Without a clue what was included I was sold. Great job RS crew! It was never the music that was on the radio when they were growing up.

rocksmith 2014 bachsmith

It forces you to learn some of the parts. Unless they are Connor McCleod….

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