February 11, 2021

These are drivers that have been tuned to improve image quality over standard Nvidia drivers, and after image quality enhancements, performance is slightly improved over standard drivers. This set has no known issues, is very stable, and produces quite good performance in games, with decent Image Quality. This is the I use nHancer to change all the settings, and all the games that I play seem just fine. This is the open beta version of the TweaksRUs. Install of latest Adrenaline drivers hit a roadblock – maybe.

xtreme-g 97.44

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Xtreme-G tweaked nVidia drivers Many people have reported good performance gains with this set.

xtreme-g 97.44

Highy recommended for BattleField 2 and Counter-Strike: These are based on the official WHQL set. Then I did what it said to do in the x-bit article linkin safe mode and then I used driver cleaner pro in safe mode.

nVIDIA GeForce6/GeForce7/GeForce8 XTreme-G Driver 169.04 Windows Vista x64

A very nice set indeed, performing very well and with complete stability. There have been wide spread reports of good gaming performance gains with these, so they come highy recommended for any BF2ers, EQ2ers, or any heavy gamers.

xtreme-g 97.44

Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. May 20, 1, 0 0.


Xtreme-G nVidia Drivers

A good set of drivers, highly recommended. If you have an Nvidia 6 series or FX card, these are must have drivers.

These drivers have had the video corruption bugs resolved, and 997.44 improvements and fixes for Half Life 2, Day of Defeat Source, and CS: It is assumed that all driver releases following these drivers will also have correct temperature reports. The drivers report temperatures up to 20 degrees celcius above normal.

This means quite a significant increase over the Nvidia drivers, but also improved image quality in games. All others are fully supported. New posts Latest activity. All up a nice set. The first of the 95 series drivers, these will be somewhat different from previous xtremee-g, particularly in the new control panel. Thus is has amazing image quality and improved performance to inflate the performance of the 7 series review cards. These drivers are the first to feature xrreme-g TweaksRUs “Type 3” tweaks which further push performance levels up, while giving image quality that Xtreme-G users have become accustomed to.

nVIDIA XTREME-G Driver and Utility Archive Page 1 – Open Drivers

Counterstrike Source, is amazing, performance is clearly better, and some of the 3D effects look incredible, particularly lighting in dark areas. I had a little error in Oblivion but that was thanks to my memory overclock.


Lowered it a little to mhz mhz ddr and all is well. I play day of defeat source and i notice it especially on the map donner. Thread starter TheRyuu Start date Dec 29, Well worth getting for any owner of a Geforce 6 series of FX, and still usefull for owners of older cards, via the “reborn” option. This is the open beta version of the TweaksRUs.

xtreme-g 97.44

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Aug 14, 21, I use nHancer to change all the settings, and all the games that I play seem just fine. These drivers are expected to be similar to the next official Nvidia release.

The latest release from nvidia tweaked for your enjoyment. These drivers offer improved quality over the standard These drivers give slightly better performance than the previous This is about the most noticeable performance improvement I have xtreje-g seen from a modded driver.

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