September 21, 2021

Support degree rotation identification, easy to use. You may also be intersted in fingerprint attendance time attendance fingerprint time attendance. Any import charges or fees are the buyer’s responsibility. You need at least one department for the program to work but increasing the number of departments is as easy as selecting the add function at the top of the file. It has refined fashion, integrates attendance management software,Very competitive price with good performance, designed specially in the purpose of popularizing the fingerprint products.

zdc30 software

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Adjust image distortion, assure fingerprint matching consistency.

Fingerprint Time Attendance TFT TCP/IP Recorder Clock System

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zdc30 software

Sensor with quality image, accepts dry, wet fingers. The main purpose of the Excel softward is to make it easy for you add and remove information staff without having to pull down a number of menus and press a lot of buttons.

Any other column headings will be able to be selected from the fields below. The punch clock is so 20th century. Setting up shifts is quite easy and can be found in the attendance menu under Shift Settings.

It will bring you much boon because of its excellent function and competitive price. This is a vital step as, without it, the software will not work sofftware.


Access Control Time Attendance Software | REALAND Download Center

Installation of this software on your computer is relatively easy and just requires you to put a disk into the computer and then follow the standard installation method.

One step installation Step-by-step Installation Guide: Please send me For EU power Adapter. Turning on Press the power button on the keypad of the terminal. Follow Chinavasion on Twitter My Tweets.

If you doesn’t leave any message that which type power adapter best fit for your place, we will send the best fit for your place’s adapter by our experience. Softeare do this by going to Staff info settings and selecting the Data Import option then choosing the right file.

Support degree rotation identification, easy to use. Quick Information Brand Name: As you can see from the drop down list above, you are presented softare different heads to categories.

Fingerprint Reader, How To Set Up Time Attendance Software

The department setting is the section of code in the software designed to interact with Excel. Welcome reseller to contact us, we can provide great price to make you competitive in your market! Leave a Reply Cancel reply. In order to ensure you receive you order tax free upon import, we will declare it as a ‘GIFT’ with a lower value when you ordered, we will send message for your advise of the lower value, if you would like to write the original value, just reply us to tell us.

The Key features New version algorithms with dependability and accuracy,identification speed obviously improved, process 3, fingerprints, no matter good or poor, within 0.


zdc30 software

EC21 in Korean Chinese. As I mentioned before it is vital that you finish this and the previous steps before entering staff information. Any of the additional fields that you leave blank will be ignored by the software, however if you have entered an extra column into the Excel spreadsheet it is important to put it into the software as softwarre could prevent it from working.

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The software will not record their check-out time if the staff member works over the allotted period of overtime. Ensure softwrae creating a department that you include: Adopting the Energy-saving fingerprint sensor and power management function, makes the product perfect. Putting any more than six columns and entering any information that you do not select in the next step may prevent you from using the software properly.

You can then enter staff names into the system ensuring that you assign them a work number and a fingerprint number. Items returned after 7 days of delivery are only eligible for repair. Device management is the core management program to connect the software and hardware for Realand Products.

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